Below is a list of ideas Jaytoon may need to begin the custom art.

  1. A general description. How do you want your custom art?
  • Head (from the shoulders up to the head)
  • Torso (from the waist up to the head)
  • Full Body (From the feet up to the head)
  1.  The style of drawing.
  • A Cartoon 
  • Client can give an example from the artist style (Instagram) 
  • Realistic 
  • Picture of examples the client may want to include in the portrait.
  • Picture of the client is most important
  • Background ideas or does the client want a simple color design.

3. Time Frame, How long will it take to complete my custom portrait time

A one-person portrait will take approximately 5-10 business days. Timing also depends on what the client wants and the level of detail provided in each drawing.

The Three Steps (S.L.C.)

SKETCH- This is the first step:  Jaytoon will do a SKETCH version of the drawing.   For example, The client first wanted the portrait to have two side ponytails, but now the client prefers a simple bun. The sketch is when the client is free to make all alterations necessary.

  1. The sketch will be sent within 3 to 5 business days to the client to make any necessary changes.  
  2. The client will be given 48 hours (2 days) to review the sketch.  This is the time when all changes should be made and approved. 

           It would be the perfect time to make these changes. 

  1. Simple addition and alterations can be made within reason.  Please keep in mind a quote was provided on the client’s original description. 
  2.  If the artist feels like the scope of work will take more than the allotted time,  the artist may ask to add a charge to the original quote.  No extra charges  are applied without the agreement of both parties.  
  3. Any Major changes to the drawing need to be finalized in the sketch.  The client will be informed that the artist is moving on to LINE, approval should be made before LINE begins. 
  4. If alterations are needed please allow an additional 1-2 business days. 

LINE- This s the second step: the line is the structure of the drawing. It means that Jaytoon is beginning to finish and perfect the design (giving the picture clean lines). 

  1. Asking to alter the portrait at this time may incur a fee.
  2. The cost of the fee is $30 but may vary based on the scope of work the artist may incur with alterations.   No extra charges are applied without the agreement of both parties.
  3. Please allow the artist 3-5  business days to complete the LINE.
  4. Artist will send the client a picture of the final Line. A
  5. If The client is on a PAYMENT PLAN.  The final payment is due before the artist begins COLOR.  
  6. The final invoice will be emailed to the client.

COLOR- This is the final step: Shading and Color are essential because texture and dimension are added to the image. If color(s) is not to the client’s liking, it can be changed. Please allow the artist 2-3 days to complete color and shading.

Once you have approved the image, we will email (PDF / PNG) format.